It’s simple really.

In 2010, Brek and Tracy met, they both had a history of overcoming deep “hurts and hang-ups”. They began their marriage covenant March 2012 and have had a similar dream to offer experiential outdoor ministry to hurting and hung-up people who need to build their “new lives” in Christ. Brek is the “brawn” and Tracy is the “helper”. They make a good team.

Our mission is to “Provide opportunity where lives and hearts are changed, by renewed hope and restored grace, as we come along-side one-another to build lives in Christ Jesus our Lord”.

Tracy and Brek are both trained biblical counselors. Tracy received her certification in Biblical Counseling in 2018. Brek received his passion for the outdoors the minute he was born. He has always been a free spirit that beats to his own drum and he’s not afraid to be himself. His desire is to lead others to this same freedom he found in Christ!

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