New Liscensed Professional Counselor coming soon!

What would you do if you thought you might succeed? I asked this question on social media and got the following responses ~Circumnavigate the world in a sailboat ~Start my own consulting business ~Make sure that every person on this planet has heard about the love and redemption of Christ. ~Move ~Run for Mayor ofContinue reading “New Liscensed Professional Counselor coming soon!”

Hope Venture Ministries, What?

Wondering what we are planning? It’s simple really. In 2010, Brek and Tracy met, they both had a history of overcoming deep “hurts and hang-ups”. They began their marriage covenant March 2012 and have had a similar dream to offer experiential outdoor ministry to hurting and hung-up people who need to build their “new lives”Continue reading “Hope Venture Ministries, What?”